The Nokia N810 – My new Wifi Internet tablet and sidekick to my Mobile phone

May 23, 2008


Why I chose the N810 Wifi Tablet over OQO and Sony UX UMPCs 

I finally decided to get the Nokia N810 after waiting a few years now for the OQO or Sony UX series UMPC prices to drop, but they still haven’t yet and are still over $1,400 for the latest models. So when Nokia upgraded the N800 with the built-in keyboard, I finally decided on Nokia instead, since I concluded that the only reason why I would want the the OQO or Sony UX UMPCs was that it had Windows XP/Vista, and MS Office, so I could have the flexibility to do work outside the office, but I knew that I would primarily use it for surfing.  The OQO/Sony UMPCs act as secondary mobile PCs, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to work for too long with that 4-5″ screen size (my eyes are bad enough with too much time on the computer…and being Asian).  So at this size, it would really only be realistic to do light surfing and not real work, and I could only justify buying the OQO/Sony UMPCs if the price came down by 50%, since you can get the Nokia N810 for only $370, which has Wifi and a built-in keyboard to meet my surfing needs.  I would rather buy the 11″ ultra-portable laptops than the OQO/SONY UMPCs to give me the flexibility to do work on the go.  

OQOSony UX390


N810 vs. iPod Touch

Others may compare the Nokia N810 to the iPod Touch.  However, the N810 is by far more superior for only the $60 extra cost at this time, since the N810 has these advantages:  

  1.  Can play Flash and videos directly from websites, such as YouTube, while the iPod Touch cannot.  In the iPod Touch, Youtube videos can only be played via the separate built-in YouTube application.  
  2. Has a bigger screen size, which is easier on the eyes for surfing the web and watching downloaded movies.
  3. Has the flexibility of a built-in keyboard for typing those long emails, yet it is also touchscreen.  
  4. Has Skype for free calls (while connected to the Net)
  5. Has built-in speakers (and it’s quite loud as shown from my dog in the video above).  
  6. Has Bluetooth so you can connect to your Mobile with a data plan to surf when you’re not in a Wifi zone, and make hands-free calls.  
  7. Has integrated GPS receiver so can act as a GPS Navigation device (but need to pay for the software), and is on par with standalone devices. 
  8. Has a large and growing developer community base that continues to build more applications and improve upon the OS and features, making this an evolving and better product over time.  Apple only recently launched their SDK Developer program to build applications for iPhone or iPod Touch, but it has contractual restrictions, making it very limited for developers.
  9. The N810 has a 0.3MP camera, while the iPod Touch doesn’t, but these days you can look for camera apps for the iPod Touch or try out this knock-off version that has a built-in 1.3MP camera for only $69.99:


Ok, it may be a bit more fun surfing with the animated touchscreen navigation on the iPod Touch though, but I can live with that…  


Time to replace my Sony VGN-U50 UMPC…and looking at the options out there

March 8, 2007

I bought the Sony VGN-U50 UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) in 2004 because it was the smallest and sleekest PC handheld with touch screen back then. The U50 runs on Windows XP Home Edition, has a 900MHz Celeron processor and 256 megs of RAM. The U70 model was also released shortly after and looks the same as the U50, but runs on Windows XP Pro, has a 1GHz Pentium M Centrino processor and 512 megs of RAM.

Sony VGN-U50

But of course the U50 was not available in North America yet, like all the cool Japanese gadgets, so I bought the Japanese version imported from Japan, and I installed the English Windows XP, but it had some bugs in it and now only the Japanese version works. So unless someone can convert my Japanese version to English, I may be tempted to buy a new UMPC soon, since now there are alot more options to choose from, and the most popular ones that I’m eyeing are:

Sony VGN-UX50

This is one of Sony’s latest UMPCs, and it’s smaller than the previous U50/U70 models, and has the same Wifi and Windows XP OS features, yet is also still limited to just the Sony memory cards and not SD cards. But it has these cool new specs:
-Intel Core Solo Ultra Low Voltage 1.0GHz CPU
-30 Gig HDD
-SVGA screen with XBRITE technology for enhance image clarity
-Built-in slide-away blue backlit keyboard,
-Two built-in cameras – one in front for VoIP/video conferencing and one on the back to take pics like a camera.
-optional Bluetooth GPS receiver
-and last but not least – a biometric fingerprint sensor! Very James Bondish!

The Sony VGN-UX50 UMPC is selling for US$1500 and has been out for a while now (so long that a Canadian version, VGN UX380, was also finally released with the same features except for 40 Gig and 1.33 GHz vs. 30Gig HDD and 1.0 GHz of the UX50). But the UX380 costs CDN$2500! The full specs of the UX380 are at the Sony site

But Sony also released upgraded models, the Sony VGN-UX90PS and VGN-UX90S, which have 16 Gig flash-based memory instead of the internal 30Gig HDD of the UX50. Although the Flash versions have less memory, these newer models result in better performance and smoother operation, and can perform some actions 6x faster in Windows applications. Plus, it also the U90 also has built-in mobile TV support. The UX90 launched July 2006 in Japan at US$1800, but there’s no official release in the US yet.

Sony VGN-UX50

Samsung Q1
The US version launched in May 2006, and is the first UMPC developed as part of Microsoft’s Origami Project. It’s selling for around US$900 now, and a few specs are:
-Mobile TV expansion modules
-30 Gig hard drive
-Special software for thumb-typing
-Optional GPS

Check out the full specs at the Samsung site


Samsung though has just announced the Q2, and a preview can already be shown at Engadget

Plus, now that Windows Vista has launched, I’m hoping to test it out on my UMPC first. So I also joined the Microsoft Origami Project community to check out the latest on the improvements being made to the UMPCs, and saw that the Microsoft Origami Experience™ package (a more functional version of the Program Launcher, Vista touch settings, and Sudoku) is now available for a free download (when you upgrade to Vista) for a better UMPC user experience.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

I wouldn’t really call this a UMPC, since it doesn’t run on a computer OS such as Windows, but it’s more like a PMP (portable media player), where you can play audio/video files, surf the Net with Wifi, and listen to Internet Radio. So it’s also much cheaper at only US$300 compared to the rest of the UMPCs selling at over US$1000. But i wanted to highlight the Nokia 770 here, since it’s featured as a UMPC on other sites. Plus, Nokia just updated the 770 with the release of the Nokia 800 priced at US$400 with new features like a built-in web camera, microphone for VOIP/video conf. calls, dual memory card slots, stand, and speakers, making for one sleek gadget at US$400, so is worth considering if you don’t need the extra Windows applications on UMPCs.

Nokia 770
(Check out the full specs at the Nokia site)

Nokia 800

I’ll provide a review of the new UMPC or PMP that I may end up getting soon, but since the price tag may ultimately dictate my decison, and that the Samsung Q1 reviews have not been spectacular so far and doesn’t have a built-in keyboard which I prefer for using any Windows applications, I’ll probably be deciding between the Nokia 800 and Sony UX50.