Finally tipped over to the dark side – My new iPhone replaces the need for my LG Viewty and Nokia N810

February 3, 2009

I’ve been holding off on getting the iPhone since it was launched in Canada, since I didn’t want to be sucked into the exorbant data plans up here, and have been boycotting Rogers like alot of other Canadians when they announced their price points for the iPhone data plans…But I’ve seen how big the iPhone app store has become with 3rd party developers building so many free, fun, and useful applications.  So I finally caved in and picked up a 16Gig white model w. the Rogers minimum 1Gig data and voice plan for $60/month last New Years Eve when a 3rd party vendor was giving away $80 rebates for the iphone.

Some of the useful free apps I’ve been using are The Weather Channel that provides hourly weather forecasts and extreme weather alerts in your city; MultiConvert that converts almost anything you can think of; iTV for your local TV guide; OneTap Movies that shows movies playing at every theatre near you, along with the movie ratings/reviews and trailers to view; Yelp to find nearby Starbucks, banks, restaurants and other stuff near you, and also addictive games like Wurdle for Boggle fans.  

I find that I have a need for all the useful apps on the iPhone more than the advantage of the 5MP camera that my old LG viewty phone provides, and over the past year I found that I haven’t been using my N810 outside the home too much, especially since it’s so hard to find free wifi hotspots here in Toronto, and didn’t feel like carrying another device in addition to my phone, especially since I do alot of travelling and wanted to minimize on the road.  It’s also nice to have an all-in one phone, ipod player, and camera device with me now when I go out for a long run.  So it came in handy when I was able to listen to my iPod and take pics along the way while running the Disney Marathon last month.  Now if only Nike can update their Nike Plus Sport Kit so it’s compatible with the iPhone…until they do this, I’ll be keeping my Nano.  

But am looking to sell both my LG Viewty and my Nokia N810 now, and plan to post them on eBay or Craigslist soon, so if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.  They’re both in minty condition.


The Sony NW-S205F: My new iPod replacement…but only when it comes to running!

January 29, 2007

Okay, who can really replace the iPod? Everyone knows that Apple owns the market on MP3/portable media players with the iPod, and will soon move into the mobile market with the much anticipated iPhone in June. But they still haven’t launched any special features to cater to alot of their customers who listen to their iPods all the time when they’re running…like me! That’s why I bought the Sony NW-S205F (which I like to call my Sony “test tube” because of its unique shape) for only $99 at Best Buy during their 1 day online Boxing Day specials. I bought it even though I already have the shuffle, nano and video iPods because they all don’t do the trick when it comes to running.

In my first post, I wrote that I’d buy the iPod sport kit if it only had a feature to synchronize songs with your movement, so I can hear faster/upbeat songs when I’m speedy and slower songs when I’m winding down because I currently have to do this manually with my iPod, which interrupts my runs…Well the Sony test tube does this song switching automatically with its special “G-Sensor” feature. It switches betwen your fast and slow tracks based on how fast your arm is moving, as it’s attached to the armband that comes with the test tube. Plus, it also comes with a built-in stopwatch, an FM Tuner, wrap around sport earphones, all of which the iPods don’t include, or you would have to pay extra bucks for these add-on accessories. However, I do have some beefs about the test tube – the wrap earphones are not adjustable so they don’t fit well, unless you have long Spock or Buddha ears. So I use my other Altec Lansing adjustable wrap earphones instead. Also, the SonicStage software that you are required to use to transfer songs, is not user-friendly if you’re used to using the easy iTunes and have all your songs stored there, like me. Plus, SonicStage doesn’t come with a Mac version so I would have to use my other Sony Micro PC for it, and then it becomes such a hassle transferring my songs from my Mac to the PC.

So it looks like Sony beat Apple to the market with built-in running features for the MP3 Player, but I bet when the 2nd gen Apple sport kit comes out, it will allow you to do something similar, and I’ll be looking out for that since the Sony SonicStage software requires more effort than the simple synch with iTunes.


iPod nano 2nd generation and (Product) Red

November 7, 2006

This is my latest iPod purchase, as I finally outran my iPod shuffle during my longer half marathon runs and I wanted the option of the menu and more space to hold my podcasts and pics that the nano would offer, and my iPod video was definitely not made for running. So that was my justification for cashing out on another iPod…which I need to keep telling myself :O

I was hoping they would have included “red” in the mix of coloured nanos in the 2nd generation launch, since I wasn’t too interested in those candy colours available. So happy to see that Bono teamed up with Apple again for another red-influenced
product, since red is my favorite colour, and of course it also helps
out a good cause – AIDS.

2g_nanos.jpgI didn’t like the colours available that came out with the 2nd generation iPod nano launch this year. The neon green, aqua blue and the fuschia pink wasn’t to my taste, and the silver looked kinda cheap with this sheenier aluminum anodized finish. The only one that looked sleek was the matte black, but it was only offered in the higher capacity 8GB version, which I didn’t care to shell out the extra cash for…so was waiting for another colour or another model to launch which I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long, knowing Apple..and thanks to Bono!

For some spec geeks out there, here’s a list of some improvements made to the 2nd generation iPod nano over the 1st generation:

  • Screen is brighter
  • Body is slimmer and made of anodized aluminum casing, but I think the casing of the 1st gen line still looks sleeker and more expensive, yet it was alot more prone to scratches!
  • Candy type colours are also offered (making it look like a crossover with the discontinued iPod mini line) in addition to silver and black, whereas the 1st generation only offered white and
    black colours. However, the 2GB version is only available in silver, 4GB in the candy colours and silver, and 8GB is only available in black.
  • It also comes with some software
    updates, and new earbuds that have a smoother round shape connecting to rubber liners attached to the wires to help keep them in your ears…but any type of earbuds never stay in mine anyways, so I always use the wrap around Altec Lansing ones for running. I also heard that Apple worked for 18 months to revamp the earbud so there’s supposed to be some sound improvements too, but I couldn’t tell..
  • iPod nano (Product) Red is only available in 4GB and 8GB models, and
    the rest of the specs are the same.