Gadget Enthusiasts Unite!

October 29, 2006

…on my blog.  Welcome to my first blog post!

They’re not just shiny toys for boys…I’ve been addicted to finding the latest gadgets and gizmos after living in Hong Kong for a few years – a mecca for gadget geeks, where you can get the latest unofficial “parallel imported” gadgets from Asia and Europe before they are released internationally.

But being back in Canada now, I’ve been gadget starved…and can only find a limited selection of astronomically high-priced parallel imports available at the Asian electronic stores here, or take the risk of being scammed again from international ebay sellers, since the “Future Shops” of the world only offer dull mediocre models. So I started this blog to share my passion in gadgets and for fellow gadgeteers to share our latest gizmo reviews and new insights on the next big thing.

Another little tidbit about myself – besides Gadgets, my other passion is in Running…and I cringe everytime I see the Nike+iPod Sport Kit (which gives you instant feedback on your running performance via a wireless sensor in the Nike+ shoes) because I’ve always thought they should turn my iPod into a pedometer and have it synched with my running shoes. So I wish I could have sold that idea to Apple first or develop that product myself (Actually, I wish Asics went into partnership with Apple instead, since their shoes are better built for running, and the Nike+ shoes are not that great). Since they’re not made for Asics, I would only consider buying it if it had auto adjustment to switch to a different playlist depending on how fast I’m running, so I can get faster and more upbeat songs when I’m zooming and slower songs when I’m taking a walk-run break. Actually, I heard Apple has already filed a patent to do something like this and we will probably see it in the next version. Well, I’m sure we’ve all seen our own ideas pop up in the latest products lining the store shelves and think the same way. So I hope this blog can also provide a sounding board on new ideas for future gadget inventors out there because I know that I’ll be thinking more about developing the next hot gadget accessory to meet my running needs!