buddy-laughing.jpgI’m a banana (you Asian-born North Americans know what I mean), who was born in Ohio, but raised in Toronto, yet have also worked internationally in Hong Kong and across Asia. I studied Engineering, but luckily saw the light and switched professions to work more on the business and creative side – Marketing. I became a gadget girl after living in Hong Kong, the land of gadgets, where I’ve been fascinated with all the cool tech products available there. So this blog is my schpeel on gadgets, and I’ll be sharing the female’s perspective, focusing more on those with unique features and sleek designs.  So hope you enjoy reading this Gadget Girl’s Guide to Gadgets!


10 Responses to About

  1. George Clooney says:

    a closet gadget geek…who knew? good for you ellen, and the site looks great!

  2. Gadget Girl says:

    Thanks George. Yes, I am a gadget geek, and am proud of it….but also a shopaholic, and the combination can be deadly! Can’t wait to review my next purchase on the site 😀

  3. Geek Brother says:

    Hey Ellen,
    Great job with your site!
    I like the shots of Buddy.

  4. Gadget Girl says:

    Thanks Geek Boy…I mean bro. I’m thinking about using Photoshop to morph my photo with Buddy – me and Buddy – Muddy! haha.

  5. Wallace says:

    Hey Ellen, good job. I think I’m going to buy the Nikon S7C ^_^

  6. Gadget Girl says:

    Hey Wallace,
    Good choice..I’ve had no problems so far and the WIFI is easy to operate. Plus, you’ll love the nice and big 3″LCD screen…I wouldn’t want to go back to a smaller screen size after viewing my pics and videos on that!

  7. Cell Freak says:

    Hi Ellen,

    My name is Jonathan Cohen and I’m the editor of The Cell Freak, a rapidly growing site about all news cellular. I was just reading through this website and thought Sleek Gadgets was a really interesting technology blog. As I also author a tech blog, I was wondering if you were interested in exchanging links on each others pages?

    The Cell Freak blog has a Google rating of 5, with thousands of visitors each day, and is informative, but fun irrelevant daily cell phone website.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    -Jonathan Cohen

    The Cell Freak Editor/Head Writer

  8. Gadget Girl says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your interest in my blog. Your site is quite informative on the cell phone area, and sure we could exchange links…I could add you to my blogroll. I’m a Nokia brand advocate, so you will mostly find Nokia stuff in my cell phone section.


  9. Cecilia Wai says:

    Hey Ellen,

    This is Cee, just wondering if you know anything about the Samsung G810. It won’t be in the market until June or July this year. Correct me if I am wrong, last time you told me that you bought your LG touch in a UK webstie. Do you happen to have that the webstie address?


  10. Gadget Girl says:

    Hey Cecilia,

    I bought my LG Viewty at plemix.com, which is a US site that ships to Canada, and it’s currently selling the predecessor to the Samsung G810 there – the G800 for about CDN$400. You may want to consider that if you don’t care about having the Symbian OS on the G810, since that’s the main difference between the G800 vs. G810, which was released to go head-to-head with the Nokia N95/N96.

    On other sites, I see that they have the G810 for pre-order for $700, which is quite a hefty difference to pay.

    I was just doing a quick comparison between the G810 and my LG Viewty, and here are some brief differences I found between these 2 camera phones:

    LG Viewty Pros:

    -Sleeker design and Form Factor (although that’s a personal pref 🙂 ) and larger screen size with higher resolution:
    a) 2.6″ 262K Color QVGA TFT display with no Touchscreen for G810 vs. 3″ 262K color TFT touchscreen display with 240×400 pixels resolution for Viewty
    b) Dimensions: 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 mm for G810 vs. 103 x 52.9 x 17.9 mm for Viewty
    -More fun camera features, such as slow motion, morphing etc. than G810

    Samsung G810 Pros:

    -Built-in GPS receiver
    -3X Optical Zoom

    Good luck with your new mobile purchase…LMK when you get it!


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