My Sangria Red Sony PRS-505 Digital Book Reader

I bought the Sangria Red version of the Sony PRS 505, the 2nd generation Sony Digital Book Reader at Toronto’s annual Book Fair, “The Word on the Street”.  So ironically my purchase made me avoid buying any printed books at the Fair…Something the organizers should have thought about when they decided to allow Sony to set up a tent to promote the Digital Book Reader.  This device is great for travelling when you don’t want to lug around heavy hardcovers or several books during your long haul flight, and of course it’s great for the environment with no more need for printed books.  I just wish it was compatible with MAC.  

Yes, this post is a bit late since the PRS-700 3rd generation Reader was already launched last month in Oct, but being in Canada, I don’t know when we’ll be able to get our hands on this latest version (as it’s currently out of stock on at the time of writing this post) considering the PRS 505 was only launched last May in Canada, while it was available since Oct 07 in the US..oh well I guess we should get used to that by now.  But am still waiting for the Amazon Kindle to come out in Canada, so there can be more competition up here!  The Kindle’s key features that would make you consider buying it over the Sony Reader, is that it has a wider selection of books, and you can connect to their e-book store and download books wherever you are via EVDO network in the US.  Yet, I find the Sony design and external casing much sleeker than the Kindle!  

The latest PRS-700 will come with built-in backlight, touchscreen display, which allows you to turn pages by swiping your finger (iphoney-like), and highlighting text and make notes with the on screen keyboard or with the included stylus.  All this will cost you an additional $100 over the PRS-505.  

I might wait until Sony comes out with colour e-ink technology so I can see my photos in colour and also my books that contain photographs as well.  And maybe a version with video playback will be just around the corner too!


Sony PRS 505

Sony PRS 505


Sony PRS 700

Sony PRS 700


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle


3 Responses to My Sangria Red Sony PRS-505 Digital Book Reader

  1. Candice says:

    Hi Ellen,

    The PRS-700 is now available in Canada. You can now order it at The Reader will hit shelves in select Sony Style retail locations across Canada by the end of this month.

    Sony of Canada Ltd.

  2. Gadget Girl says:

    Thanks for the update Candice. That was quick, since the Sony Canada site was showing out of stock since yesterday.

  3. Korartiz says:

    Incase you haven’t found out yet the Sony PRS-505 CAN be used by a mac! 😀
    The program is called calibre! Do a search for it, you’ll be pleased. =]

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