LG Viewty KU990 – My Touchscreen Camera YouTube Phone

After researching numerous blogs and reviews to decide on which new mobile to buy for a while now, I finally chose the LG Viewty KU990. The name “Viewty” links to it’s tagline on the product packaging: “View the Next Technology”. First, this is not the mobile for everyone though, and others could debate that there are others in the market that are better, so it depends on what features you’re looking for – I was looking for more of a fun “camera phone”, which could take photos comparable to a standalone camera, so I wouldn’t have to carry a camera around as well for taking that spontaneous photo. The video feature and the ability to upload videos directly to Internet, was also an added bonus, so this was the phone for me.

My key deciding factors for choosing the LG Viewty:

1. It’s sleek (14.8mm thick, so not too bulky for all the features it has) and unique (not officially available in Canada)
2. It’s touchscreen (which is the new trend of mobiles and is so much easier to use) with cool haptic vibration feedback when you touch the screen options, which the iPhone doesn’t have.
3. Advanced Multimedia Features – It has a 5 MP Camera, and a high speed 120 fps video recorder, with image stabilization, DivX player, and a Schneider-Kreuznach lens. I can write on the photos or videos with the stylus and it will appear on playback; it has various advanced photo/video editing options that are not even found on stand-alone cameras, such as adding sepia or b&w colour portions or entire photo, as well as mosaic blur, softening, morphing, blurbs, built-in icons and adding picture frames, and much more! Muvee Studio feature also allows you to create an image slide show combined with music, as it also comes with the standard MP3 player feature. (The iphone only has a 2MP camera)
3. Internet Features – Browser with bookmark creation, landscape and portrait view, and ability to scroll with finger, like the iphone. (However, the iPhone wins in this area though as their browser seems alot more fun to use with its interactive user interface features, but the LG Viewty does the job for surfing)
4. Convenient pre-loaded features allowing you to connect directly to them with a click of their icon:
– YouTube – There’s also an option to upload my videos created on the phone directly to YouTube
– Google – Search, Mail, Maps
– Blogger: Create your Blog feature

lg-homescreen.jpg google.jpglg-facebook.jpg

Features I wish the LG Viewty had:

1. WiFi (just so i can surf freely at home, since it’s unlikely that I can find a free WiFi hotspot living in Toronto)
2. Windows Mobile 6 (So I can use it for work too and won’t need to carry around my Moto Q9h to retrieve my Outlook emails (although for a PDA, the Moto Q9h is quite nice looking)
3. Built-in GPS – At a usable speed and without extra carrier fees.
4. A lens cover for the 5MP Camera

Other Contenders:

iPhone               HTC Touch                LG KS20             Nokia N95

iPhone          HTC Touch (White)   LG KS20 “Dominator” Nokia N95 (Black)

Before I decided on the LG Viewty, I was also considering these other contenders in the market, but didn’t end up choosing them for the following reasons:

1. iPhone – Since I’m in Canada, where it’s not officially available yet, I didn’t want to deal with paying the fees to unlock the US Cingular version, and not be able to update the phone with the Apple patches to add new features and fix bugs without turning the phone into a brick..Yes, hackers will be able to crack the code again to unbrick the phone, but didn’t want to deal with the headache for searching for the crack and go through the never-ending cycle with the next Apple patch. The camera is still an average 2MP found on every phone these days, and cannot take videos, while I was looking for more advanced camera/video features, so I can upload videos of Buddy to his YouTube Channel (BuddytheSamoyed).

2. HTC Touch – The black and grey models soon became available through the Canadian mobile carriers at cheap prices with contract, so it would soon become another ubiquitous phone, and it was borderline sleek looking, resembling too much like a business PDA, and not enough of the “fun-factor” that I was looking for in the $300+ price tag that I would be paying for in an unlocked version (as I didn’t want to get the contract). So I was then considering the white model sold in Asia, and the HTC Dual which was also announced with enhanced TouchFLo Navigation, but the LG Viewty just looked better with cooler features.

3. LG KS20 “Dominator” – This is the new version of the LG Viewty that was announced last September, and not launched yet. So I would still have to wait a while before I could buy an unlocked version anywhere online. This model follows the similar design concept as the LG Viewty, and answers my “Wish” feature for Windows Mobile 6, yet only has a 2MP camera and does not come with the same advanced camera features as the Viewty. So this is the “business version” of the LG Viewty, but I still prefer a physical keyboard for business use, for texting lengthy emails, and I already had my business PDA.

4. Nokia N95 – Every phone that I have bought up until now has been Nokia, as I’m a Nokia brand advocate, and have always thought the ‘N95’ was the “king of all mobiles”, but ever since trying out touchscreen mobiles and how much easier and fun it is to navigate with, I couldn’t go back to this boring traditional keypad/button navigation type (for “personal” and not “business” use). The newer black version has a bigger screen and 8GB internal memory over the original silver version. Both models also have built-in GPS, but I thought it was really slow when testing it out on the silver version and find that I would hardly use it at that speed, and I find the size too bulky (21mm vs vs. 14.8mm thick for LG Viewty). Plus, the hefty price of approx. US$700 would be more than what I would pay for a phone, knowing that I would soon want to buy the next sleek phone out on the market with newer tech features…So I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next Nokia touchscreen mobile, as the touchscreen trend continues to rise.


50 Responses to LG Viewty KU990 – My Touchscreen Camera YouTube Phone

  1. Ian Kilvert says:

    I saw this phone at CES last week and I was mesmorized by it. Where did you get yours and how much did you have to pay for it? Also how well does it work on the Rogers GSM network? are there any features of the phone that you aren’t able to use?

    Many thanks,
    Ian Kilvert

  2. Gadget Girl says:

    I wish I went to CES..missed it again this year! I got mine online at Plemix.com. for $535 at the time with $0 shipping promo during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t work yet..still need to figure that out. Google maps is not working yet with their latest patch (version 2.0.1) on the KU990. Other than that, everything else works fine..and good enough for me!

  3. Gadget Girl says:

    Here are the Rogers Internet Settings that enable everything to work except for Google Maps and YouTube:

    Rogers WAP/GPRS
    homepage: http://www.mymobilehomepage.rogers.com
    Gateway/proxy IP:
    Port1: 9201
    GPRS APN: goam.com
    User name: wapuser1
    Password: wap

    Rogers Media/MMS
    homepage: mms.gprs.rogers.com

    Gateway IP 1:
    Port 1: 9201
    GPRS APN: Media.com
    User Name: Media
    Password: mda01

  4. Gadget Girl says:

    Thanks to Dorima in HowardForums, these are the settings that allow YouTube and all of Google Package to work along with the Internet on Rogers, except for the Blogger app, which is just a site to create a blog, so I wouldn’t find it very useful.

    (Note under Phone Settings- Connectivity-Streaming settings – use same as above under “Rogers Wap/GPRS”, except change Port1 to 8080, and select “Rogers APN” for Network Account)

    Step 1

    go to Phone settings->Connectivity->Access points and add the following 2 access points.

    Access point 1
    Connection title: Rogers APN
    Bearer: GPRS
    Authentication: PAP
    Username: wapuser1
    Password: wap
    APN: internet.com

    Access point 2
    Connection title: Rogers MMS
    Bearer: GPRS
    Authentication: PAP
    Username: media
    Password: mda01
    APN: media.com

    go to Phone settings->Connectivity->Streaming settings
    Change nothing here except make sure under Network account you select Rogers APN

    Step 2

    go to Browser->Settings->Profiles and add the following profile.

    Browser Profile
    Service name: Rogers TCP
    Homepage: http://mymobilehomepage.rogers.com
    Connection Mode: TCP without proxy
    Security: not secure
    Access point: Rogers APN

    Step 3

    go to Messaging->Settings->Multimedia message->Multi msg centre and add the following.

    MMS Centre
    Title: Rogers MMS
    MMSC URL: http://mms.gprs.rogers.com
    MMS Proxy:
    Connection mode: TCP with proxy
    Access point: Rogers MMS

  5. diptychal says:

    I’ve been looking into getting a new phone with HSDPA and this one is at the top of my list.. I’m about 99% convinced with it and really should stop reading reviews cause then I’ll never make up my mind. I just wanted to ask – has the fact that there’s no lens cover affected use of the phone? I can be a bit of a klutz and I’m worried I would damage it within a week of buying the phone…

  6. Gadget Girl says:

    As long as you keep the phone in a pouch or make sure you don’t get it scratched in your purse, you should be good, since there’s such a nice big touchscreen that you want to protect in addition to the lens. I actually still haven’t peeled off the transparent protective film that was stuck on the lens, since I haven’t found the perfect protective case yet, and often forget that I still have it on, since my videos and photos still turn out great with the film on, but I should really peel it off by now! The lens is also indented in the casing, so it’s not touching any surface, when resting the phone on it’s back, which helps a bit in protection…It’s definitely a fun phone to have and a head-turner, and the YouTube function is really cool if you have a good data plan!

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi Ellen,

    After our ski tri, I thought I would check out your amazing web site!

    Wow….your technospeak is amazing.

    Love your passion for your sleek gadgets.

    cheers, Lisa

  8. Gadget Girl says:

    Thanks for your message Lisa. Hope we can still catch another run on the slopes before the season’s over!

  9. Brian says:

    Hey Gadget Girl,

    Its cool that u are a cellphone enthusiast and fellow viewty user in Toronto like me. I’ve been using the viewty under the Fido brand and have been increasingly using ever since the $7 unlimited browsing plan came along. Just an FYI I managed to play with the settings, so far I got google maps to work but im still getting connection failed for youtube. If you’d like I can give you instructions on how I managed to set it up for fido, probably similar settings can be made for rogers by simply making subsitutes with the titles.

    What bums me out is that we only get gprs connection and cannot fully utilize the Viewty’s HSDPA capability (and the lack of support for UMTS here in N.America), we’ll need a certified rogers/fido hsdpa handset from what I recall. When using google maps it does take a while for the maps to load especially in satellite view.

    So far I love my viewty best choice I ever made (im really picky with phones), the touchscreen and 5mp pretty much did it for me among other great features its has. One pet peeve though, the phone is tri-band! I usually travel along the border of the GTA, your phone pretty much loses connection.

    Love your site by the way!

  10. Gadget Girl says:

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for your comments. Yeah, nice to know another Viewty user in Toronto! I tried various combinations of settings in the past, and I ended up sticking to the one (my 2nd settings posted above) that allowed everything to work, except for Blogger. But I don’t think that I would have a need for Blogger, since I created this site in WordPress….

    But sure, if you don’t mind sharing your Fido settings that gives you access to Blogger, but still allows YouTube and everything else to work, then I’ll try it out on Rogers. My first settings posted above gave me connection failure to YouTube, but gave me access to Blogger. My 2nd settings finally gave me YouTube, but not Blogger. So you could also try my 2nd settings for YouTube access.

    Yep, we Canucks have to put up with exoborant fees on mobile plans with subpar technology…that’s the frustrating state of our Telco market now..hope that will change soon with the wireless market opening up to new competitors soon. Funny, I don’t get any connection failure when traveling along border of GTA…possibly because I’m on Rogers? But with my pet peeves – I wish the phone had wifi, so I could surf freely and faster indoors and at friends’ places when I don’t have my laptop around, which is why I’m planning to get a Nokia N810 (which I’ll be blogging about soon) and wish the full QWERTY keyboard would appear instead of the phone keyboard when entering URLs or any login details for sites. But love the special video recording features, like slow-motion, which I’ll post in another video of Buddy

    Yes, love the Viewty and have been spending alot of time researching and waiting for it come down to the right price point before finally taking the plunge to buy, since you always struggle with knowing that newer models are being released that you want to wait for, but it won’t be available in the market until months down the road, and it would launch with a hefty price…oh well, guess that’s the cost of being an early adopter!

  11. Steve Lim says:

    Hi there,

    thanks for your internet/ multi msg settings !!! 😀

    just wondering, what’s the difference if I want to make it work with fido??
    I have my viewty with FIDO and when i tried with rogers settings it didn’t work (I thought since they use the same network line, it would work…but didn’t)

    do you have any information for FIDO settings?

    thank you!!~

  12. Gadget Girl says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have Fido settings, but you could call the Fido Tech support and ask for their settings to start with….that’s what I first did with Rogers support, and then I went to Howard Forums site to find some modified settings to get YouTube to function….

  13. I had this phone last week and I must say its touchscreen is one of the best touchscreens i have ever come across and if we compare with its conrtendors then also LG Viewty is far ahead in terms of camera, music and many other aspects. Cheers for LG Viewty!!!

  14. David says:

    How did you get internet to work on fido?

  15. Gadget Girl says:

    Sorry but I only use Rogers, so I used the settings I posted above to make it work. You could call Fido to send you the settings, which was what I originally did with Rogers, but still had to fiddle with the settings they gave me.

  16. Adam says:


    Just wondering why my phone says “Waiting…” and will occasionally say “Receiving” When sending an MMS to myself… (Picture 7KB)

    The message sends fine, but when i try to receive it, it won’t happen. Do i have to go to the actually mms website to retreive it?

    I setup the specs for internet, works great! (Thanks to Gadget Girl) If i could just get these picture messages to send/receive … 😦

  17. Adam says:

    Ohhh! I can send picture messages…!
    But if i try to retreive them “Internal Error” message shows up 😦

  18. LG Viewty is a pretty decent phone but I feel iPhone is the best in the business. Nokia N95 8GB is also very good phone.

  19. David Scott says:

    Hey does anybody have the internet and mms settings for fido? I’m stuck….help! Thanks

  20. Blaige says:


    I’ve been having problems with sending MMS’ and sending picture messages.

    Neither of them go through for some reason. I’ve entered the info as Gadget Girl’s said with no luck.

    Any help would me much appreciated.

  21. Blaige says:

    I was also wondeirng about video calling. According to someone I talked to, Rogers is lagging and it won’t be available until September. I’m in Calgary, not too sure if it’s just out west.

    Again, any help is VERY much appreciated!

  22. Gadget Girl says:

    I just received Rogers’ first 2 text messages on my LG Viewty announcing their Video & Picture messaging service to view future videos and pictures on rogers.com/mypix with a personal pwd that is given. The 2nd text message points to their picture messaging site: http://pcituremessaaging.rogers.com that can be viewed from the phone (fees apply) or your PC.

  23. Michael says:

    ive just got a lg viewty on 3 mobile but cant access the internet could anyone help

  24. Josh says:

    Rogers WAP/GPRS
    homepage: http://www.mymobilehomepage.rogers.com
    Gateway/proxy IP:
    Port1: 9201
    GPRS APN: goam.com
    User name: wapuser1
    Password: wap

    Rogers Media/MMS
    homepage: mms.gprs.rogers.com

    Gateway IP 1:
    Port 1: 9201
    GPRS APN: Media.com
    User Name: Media
    Password: mda01


    I’m sorry but where do I enter this?

  25. Gadget Girl says:

    Hi Josh,
    Under the Settings Icon ( last one on right column nav menu), go to phone Settings- Connectivity-Streaming settings. But remember to use the updated settings I made in my Jan 28th post to get full access to Youtube & Google package.

    Hope that helps..

  26. Ram says:

    Hi just wondering if anyone is having the same problem as me.. i havent been able to get network on my lg viewty and i went to the store i bought it from and they said its a network change by rogers anyone know how to fix the problem?

  27. Josh says:

    Thank you very much

  28. Heidi says:

    I want to password protect my text messages and pictures. I usually have Samsung phones but have branched out… Please help me!!

  29. Dan326 says:

    Hi all. I have an LG Secret, which is pretty similar when it comes to internet settings. I was wondering if any of ya’ll knew how to make Youtube work with At&t service. I live in the United States, so Rogers isn’t offered. Thanka a lot! 😀

  30. Nancy says:

    I have a problem with my Viewty (Ke990),
    I was trying to install more themes in it,
    and I got that stinken
    Yellow screen saying “Refreshing”

    I tried the ToTo method, but it didn’t
    do anything. I cant get it to go
    on Emergency Download either =/

    Do you know if there’s anything else I
    can do about it??

    I’m so frustrated I’m about to throw
    it against the wall….lol

  31. Mikkel says:

    I have the same problem with the yellow screen. I have a backup of the LGAPP folder. Does anybody knew how to get the phone working again?

  32. muchdeep says:

    Although my phone is not the veiwty but the renoir.
    I searched the web for hours trying to get the rogers info.
    The info for rogers worked although I think I missed some things…. I dunno how to use technology -.-
    I can watch youtube now though! Thats what I was shooting for.
    I hope I didn’t mess up my phone o.o
    fungicidal@live.ca <– If you know I messed up my phone, plz give me the headsup! Thanks again!!

  33. BTW
    I have found that I am now also able to send reasonable sized picture messages! Woot! This website helped me out a great deal.

    I was also wondering about the video calling, will I have to play around with settings for that as well?

    ALSO I see on my phone under connectivity>>network settings>>select network – it says Rogers 2G Im not under contract so… what they gave me 2 instead of 3G?
    Im paying for internet but I see no way to access it other than I found that it says it’s in use when sending a picture message.

    I am sooo uberly confused.
    Save me OB1 err gadget girl, your my only hope

  34. Sorry forgot this tidbit. I’ve just been depending on wifi since I got my phone, it is unlocked.

    Google maps worked first try but again, only through wifi.

  35. I fiddled around a little, Thanks again GG
    I figured out how to use Rogers internet instead of my wifi =]
    Still confused on some of the above^^

  36. Its MUCH slower xD -.- x.x

  37. sphone hater says:

    hey so i was just wonderin.. is this phone considered a smart phone by rogers or fido.. i dont want to have limited internet, i really like what i know about this phone so far but i cant stand the smart phone deals

    • Gadget Girl says:

      Rogers or Fido doesn’t offer this phone. So you would have to buy it un-locked. However, I would say it’s a Smartphone by looking at the type of phones that Rogers classifies under this category. However, I still feel the key advantage with this phone is the camera/video features that really sets this phone apart from others in the market. You’ll find better smartphones for browsing and emailing out there…

  38. karla says:

    Hi I receive my mms but cannot open them and im unable to send them. I live in USA and im on a tmobile network. Please help me im going crazy with this.

  39. Naas says:

    hi….got my phone from englan the lg viewty ku990i, it was unlocked when i recieved it…..ive had this phone for 3 months,.great phone. only problem is i cant connect to the internet. im with FIDO, and i need the streaming settings, its asking me for UDP port number, proxy IP address, and the proxy port.

  40. Joe Sax says:

    I had my LG KE990 during 2009, and it sadly died last January when my daughter dropped it into the ocean. Goodbye sweety, i’ll miss you.

    Then i bought the Viewty Smart (GC900) and that has relieved me of my pain. 🙂 It now includes a capacitive touchscreen (it’s tougher), WIFI, GPS (works with google maps, though, so i know when i’m in my own home – lol) and a better interface. All my Jar programs work exactly the same, so i’m very happy with it now. LG rocks. The touchscreen is still slower than the iPhone, but the camera wins.

  41. Josh says:

    Hi i live in guyana. I have a ku 990. But i can’t stream on utube. Pls help me. I’m using gt&t network.

  42. So are these any good? I like the name lol.

  43. wireless security cameras…

    […]LG Viewty KU990 – My Touchscreen Camera YouTube Phone « Sleek Gadgets[…]…

  44. My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find most of
    your post’s to be precisely what I’m looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content for yourself? I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on many of the subjects you write related to here. Again, awesome website!

    • Gadget Girl says:

      Scott, Thanks for your reply. I haven’t updated my blog in a few years now as you can see, but I’ve been meaning to get my blog refreshed again with the recent gadgets I’ve bought and ones I’m looking for too! Stay tuned and thanks for your interest!

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    • Gadget Girl says:

      Thanks! I wrote this post back in 2008 when the mobile phone market was quite different than it is today, and I haven’t written on my blog since 2009. But, I’m contemplating starting fresh again, since the tech landscape has changed dramatically and now the evolving wearable tech market has got me excited again and is motivating me to write again…stay tuned and thanks for your comments!

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