The latest Nokia N95 replaces my long obsession over the Nokia N80

The Nokia N80 released early last year was one of the first phones I ever saw with Wifi, and it also had a 3 MP camera! With all its powerful features, it was still relatively compact in size (about the size of a credit card) and it had a slider form factor, which I preferred over the clam shells. This was the only phone last year that I was really interested in buying (after my brief infatuation with the LG Chocolate which quickly subsided when it launched here in Canada and became so mainstream), but the price was just too much (close to US$800 at launch and now down to around $CDN600 for a parallel import version here in Toronto), knowing that a better model would be released shortly…and soon enough Nokia has done that with the new N95. “It’s what computers have become”, is the slogan that Nokia uses for this model and it looks to be a higher-end version of the N80. It’s slated to be released mid-March 2007 in the UK with a $US700 price tag. No gadget this sleek will ever be officially released here in Canada, but I’ll be looking out for the parallel import version that should come out soon in the Asian stores.

Here are just a few specs to impress:

-5 MP Camera with Carl Zeiss optics
-WiFi, Bluetooth
-GPS Mapping
-DVD quality video playback in the 2.6″ screen
-MP3 player, and FM Radio tuner

Images and videos can also be viewed in landscape mode with the playback buttons revealed at the opposite end of the keypad upon sliding the phone. But with all these features, it may turn out to be a big battery hog that will require recharging quite frequently, similar to the N80. Still, I can’t wait to see it soon in the window displays of the Asian stores with all the other imported sleek gadgets that will never be officially released here.




7 Responses to The latest Nokia N95 replaces my long obsession over the Nokia N80

  1. SanT says:

    Hi. Will u pl let me know when N95 launch is scheduled in UK?

  2. Gadget Girl says:

    According to MobileToday, the N95 is slated to launch in the 2nd week of March in the UK. So you won’t have to wait too long to get it!

  3. M Tahir says:

    Wow, I hope to have this one soon. My plan to buy PDA phones changed. I’ve been following NOKIA goods all this while and I believe this is the one I’m waiting for. Save your bucks for it as I understand it will reach Malaysian Market soon.

  4. R_Rod says:

    i have the N80 and to be honest, the slide function is so flimsy! the unit has no solid feel when it is at the closed position ( it has a lot of side-to-side movement ) i feel like ill break the thing! big thumbs down!!, i hope the N95 will be more solid in feel, looking forward to trading my N80 for it! haha

  5. The nokia n95 is a great improvement. I had the n80 now i have the n95.. See my blog for more n95 stuff.

  6. velvet raindrops says:

    hello…..i just wondering that when will n95 ( color black) will be release? it posible??…becoz i want n95 in color black…..and i think it could be more better and stylish and also excellent please tell me……

  7. Bluetooth says:

    N95 really proved to be one of the best mobile phones ever produced but one think I feel where N95 lacked was a touchscreen which may hesitate many people to take a call on this phone!!what say??

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